A 50-minute talk-show in which the host has several guests, from various fields. The main topics of the day are approached and debated bluntly and in detail.
Runtime 50 minutes (two parts of 25 minutes).


Economic informative program that brings to the fore news, reportages, interviews and business advice from Prahova County and neighboring counties. It has a 10 minute segment of information about tourism, tourism programs, tours in the country and abroad, as well as information from the social, administrative and economic area.
Runtime: 25 minutes. Producer: Robin Eparu


It is a 25-minute show depicting events and information from the gastronomy field, information about new trends in the field of hospitality, events presentations, cultural festivals and recipes made by professionals.
Director: Nico


The show presents information and images from the most beautiful destinations around the world but also from Romania. It is a virtual 25-minute journey that introduces you to the tourist attractions, monuments, customs and traditions of each country.
Producer and director: Dan Soreanu


It is a weekly news program from the cinema world. The show aims to present details about the film premieres, as well as information about the actors you can see on the big screens in the premieres of the week. The segments of the show keep you up to date with cinematographic events and presents the most interesting charts made by specialists in the field. Duration 25 minutes.
Director and presenter: Simona Bănică


These tv editions contain information on the healing properties of plants and health benefits. Innovative advice and ideas on innovations in the field, including technological innovations, rural financing programs, information on aid schemes in agriculture. Duration – 25 minutes.
Director: Dan Soreanu and Dana Sin

Cards on the Table

A 50-minute talk-show in which the host has several guests, from various fields. The main topics of the day are approached and debated bluntly and in detail. Runtime 50 minutes (two parts of 25 minutes).


It is an educational program containing short videos with music and images depending on the text. Specifically, the show includes brief encyclopedic references to various moments or aspects of human civilization. For the most part, following documentation from several sources, are presented things unknown to us, or perhaps too little known.
Director: Dana Sin


A cultural show that makes the transition from artistic monuments inherited over the years, to today’s perception of the true values of society. Rigorously documented production; encyclopedia genre. The show was created for educational purposes and targets any age or social class category. The materials written for this show contain topics that have something special. The list of topics covered is diverse. Duration 25 minutes.


A few minutes production presenting a recipe in a simple and comprehensible way.


Issue of analysis of problems in the field of Horeca. Specialists in the field come to debate the main topics of the moment, to turn on all sides the fiscal and administrative measures in the tourism industry, to propose solutions or measures to support the operators in the hospitality industry. Own production show lasting 25 minutes.


A show dedicated to real good music, a show that brings to the fore the exceptional concerts of the most important international artists. Almost an hour of quality music, with each edition dedicated for a great artist or a legendary band.
Presenter and director: Florin Dumitru


Entertainment TV show presenting fashion industry events, fashion shows and new clothing trends. A program that shows the fascination around the large collections of famous fashion houses. Everything in a fashion show.

Director: Dan Soreanu


EThe informative-cultural program highlights society’s major events, social cases in need of support. There will be invited officials’ and state institutions’ representatives to explain certain decisions or measures. It will also contain presentation of projects for communities in Romania.


The most visited places in the world are featured in our own tourism production, lasting 25 minutes. There are picturesque trails that can be done in one day or in a vacation, routes of medium difficulty or for advanced, are described cities that have great potential in terms of tourism. Also, the production presents pilgrimages that can be made to various cultural objectives.


A show that aims to bring to the attention of viewers the big cities of the world. History, culture, customs, tourist attractions, luxury destinations, all can be found in The Great Metropolises show. The video presentation is accompanied by descriptive comments. It is our own production, lasting 25 minutes.


A show in the travel area featuring the largest malls in the world, which annually attracts millions of tourists. Here are presented outdoor bazaars with a history of hundreds of years, fruit markets, spice markets, famous flea markets all over continents, as well as the most luxurious malls or sales areas in the world. The video presentation is accompanied by a complete description, with data on the specifics of the area, information on traders and exposed products, but also with historical and statistical data. Own production with a duration of 25 minutes.


A show that combines the wonders of nature with the beauty of music and explores some of the most beautiful holiday resorts or places to visit. A quick and inviting overview of the natural world with canyons, natural parks, great rivers, lakes, forests, mountains and glaciers, on any amazing landform known to man! “Bon Voiaj” combines the splendor of nature with the beauty of music in a special journey that will relax and calm you. Own production, lasting 25 minutes.


The show presents images from all over the world, top tourist destinations, trips to areas that are famous and full of history, cities and countries famous as holiday destinations. With a duration of about 30 minutes, the series contains over 80 episodes and is in continuous production.


A 25-minute production that brings to the forefront famous stories, which were not only written, but were transformed into movies or series. From the pages, directly on the screen – the directors who wanted to give life to the stories read, managed through their productions to win millions of hearts around the world and even win important prizes. The show is a “journey” in the most beautiful corners of the world, to meet more and more interesting characters and to live unique experiences.


The show presents in current video images, the most famous cities in the world. Famous capitals, famous cities full of history and tradition. With a duration of about 30 minutes, the show is a real travel guide.


A series of documentary shows in the travel area that present in a special way the cultural institutions in the country and abroad, with the historical description of the location and the present exhibition offer. There are presented museums, palaces, memorial houses, historic mansions, impressive collections that have a value difficult to quantify.


Concert shows for well-being. Musical performance institutions – operas, operettas, musical theaters, come in front of viewers with performances with their own artists, recorded in Buftea and broadcast exclusively by EXPLORIS TV under the title “A Night at the Opera”. At the same time, gala shows already staged, real reference shows, are brought in front of the television audience.


A 25-minute show that presents a foray into the world of villages bringing to light the traditions of several areas and the customs that have been passed down from generation to generation. Elements related to the national dress are presented and the methods used by craftsmen and folk artists are also described.


Own production program with an informative role about major importance social events, and outstanding personalities of the society. Duration: 25 minutes


Programs produced by us or by other producers about various cultural objectives, about the work of great artists, about cultural traditions from different parts of the globe. Duration: 25 minutes


Programs produced by us or by other producers with an educational role, both for school students and for adults. These are formative programs with a duration of 25 minutes.